Masjid Supporters

We would like to buy this place.

We are planning to become a religious organization in two years. We would like to purchase this place for that purpose. We have an implementation plan. There are two advantages.
1. Our position in Japan is clear.
2. No taxation.
3. A wider range of activities.

We need a support system to carry out this plan. We are looking for supporters who will work with us to build the Masjid. These are the people who will share our thoughts.
1. People who will support our activities
2. People who share our thoughts and feelings
3. People who will support us financially.

First, we started walking. Next, I need help to run.

Plan 1
A deposit of 30 million yen will be paid by November 2021.
All in all, we need 180 million yen for the bottom land. It will be more than twice as large as it is now. We will first pay 30 million yen as a part of it. It starts with that.

Plan 2
We will consult with religious institutions in April 2022. We have to purchase a building in the next year to become a religious corporation. So we are planning to proceed systematically.


Transfers from banks other than JP Bank
JP BANK (9900)