Goals of the Fujikawaguchiko Masjid

Fujikawaguchiko Masjid Goals

The goal of the Fujikawaguchiko Masjid is to be a masjid for all Muslims and to help people understand Islam in Japan. To facilitate the Islamic activities of Muslims. The Fujikawaguchiko Masjid will be licensed as a religious corporation in two years.
To achieve this, we started with small activities since 2014. When there were still few overseas tourists. And before many Muslims come to visit.

1.Finding the place where everyone can come.

2.Enlist the cooperation of the community.

3.That the place is necessary for Muslims.

Thanks to Allah, we met in the best place.

Since we didn't have the money to buy one, we decided to rent one right away. Everyone laughed. You're crazy. You shouldn't borrow at a time like this. But we did. Because we needed it. Because it was good for Muslims to have it there.
We didn't have a lot of money, so we took our time and slowly repaired the masjid together.

Finally, it was opened on November 8, 2021. Many Muslims came to pray. We are very happy to be able to pray in this place because of Allah. We are very happy to be able to worship in this place because of Allah, and most of all we are happy that everyone can worship.
Our activities will continue in the future.